Powder Coating

What Is POWDER COATING? Electro-static charged powder is attracted to the grounded work piece and permanently adhered to provide a highly durable, consistent and aesthetically attractive surface.

A uniform coating can be applied to all surfaces, both exposed and hidden. The coating is thermo set in an oven until fused to the object's surface. The approach is unique, economical, versatile, and above all, successful. The result is an even, consistent coating with amazing hardness and durability, far superior to conventional liquid paints.

What is the POWDER COATING process?
After receiving the product and an inspection of the substrate, the parts enter stage one of the powder coating procedure. Here the metal substrate is cleaned and etched by heated water, chemical and pressure. The entire process of preparing the substrate for the powder coating is critical as dirt, oil, corrosion and moisture will inhibit a lasting, quality powder coated finish.

After pre-treatment the product is ready for an electrostatic, powder coated finish. The Electrostatic process of powder coating includes fluidization of the powder by means of a controlled air supply through a membrane in a hopper. The gun is then set for the proper air, spray pattern and electrical charge. When the powder is introduced to the gun it is given an electrical charge and a pattern to provide the proper coverage and thickness required for each part. Once the powder is applied, the product is heated in an oven to the correct temperature, for a required time, dependent on the mass and powder type.

The final phase of the process is allowing the part to cool. After a final inspection the part or product is then ready for packaging and shipment.